I’ve rented a place in malviya nagar , south delhi which is one of the best locations for starting up a cloud Kitchen! The rented place is quite huge around 900 sq. m but the rent is likely! So I have planned to make it a common kitchen where I’ll run my own brands but at the same time I wanna create opportunities for other similar minded people  who are wishing to open a cloud Kitchen but don’t wanna risk it big on factors like high rent, kitchen equipments, high electricity bills, etc can come and join me! I’ll provide all the basic kitchen equipments inclusive of all the basic amenities like electricity bills, water bills, rent, etc at no extra cost! You just have to pay 30000 + Gas bill & would get an opportunity to open your own business without taking into consideration the risky factors that may make a company or break it, you can spend the majors in marketing and others.