Cloud kitchen available for Sale in South Delhi, east of kailash, main road.

Whole setup available for sale as it is

5 Stainless Steel (SS) working tables, 3 SS racks, SS washing sink, 5.5ft x 4.5” commercial bakery display fridge (4 levels)1 long wooden reception table with 4 drawers 2 x white glass-steel heatproof wall separations in the kitchen and office room, nitrogen packaging machine, 1 big nitrogen cylinder, utencil storage racks, 4 small and 1 big dustbin, 50 storage trays, 6 baking steel trays, 5-10 litre x 5 storage tins, 4 office chairs, 1 cushioned big office chair, pristine wooden office table, one glass- wooden side table, 1 x Baking Oven, 3 Door Deep Freezer, 2 vertical storage racks, 6 long storage SS wall shelves, 4 Big steel mixing bowls, 4 small steel bowlsPlenty cooking utencils, plenty bakery knives, 1 x water dispenser, 1 medium size mixer, 1 grinder set, 1 two door commercial fridge, 4 burner kitchen SS table 1 x Fire protection cylinder,+ Other kitchen appliances