We are a fully functional delivery kitchen located in the hub of South Mumbai, Lower Parel. We are looking at for prospective buyers/partners who want to acquire a ready to start establishment with all functional assets as well as Chefs, Helpers, Delivery Boys, Utility Staff & Manager available.

Kitchen Area : 350 sq ft with separate washing area( with front and back exit)

Current Rent : 50k per month

Available assets:

1) Stainless steel Double gas burners- 2 nos

2) Stainless steel Refrigerator – 1 double door vertical

3) Normal Refrigerator – 1 single door vertical

4) Microwave – 1 no

5) OTG Oven – 1 small and 1 big – 2 nos

6) Coal Clay Tandoor – 1 no

7) Stainless Steel Hot Tawa plate (2ft x 2ft) – 1 no

8) Stainless Steel Storage rack – 4ft x 6ft – 4 shelves- 1 no

9) Stainless steel rack 2 ft X 4ft – 4 shelves – 1 no

10) Stainless steel Packaging table – 4ft x 3ft – 2 no

11) Stainless steel Overhead storage compartment – 4ft x 2ft – 1 no

12) Stainless steel Under-table storage compartment – 4ft x 2ft – 1 no

13) Stainless Steel- Cutting /Chopping tables – 2 no. – 2ft x 2ft

14) Stainless Steel Wall Shelves – 3 no. – 2ft x 1ft

15) Wet/Wash area separate with Stainless steel sink

16) Stainless Steel Sink area in kitchen

17) Commercial Pulveriser

18) Outdoor Gas Chamber – Made of Mild steel capacity to fit 4 gas cylinders.

19) Overhead water storage tanks – 3 no’s.

20) Gas Leak Alarm & Fire Extinguishers

21) LED light fittings

22) Ceiling Fans – 2 no.

23) Ducting outlet with Exhaust Fans -2 no’s.

24) Signage Board – 10ft x 4 ft

25) All kitchen utensils and cutlery available

All equipments are SS302 Grade

It has a fully equipped Office cabin (4ft x 8ft) with 1 ton split AC including laptop, software & printer, 2 desk tables and executive chairs – Dell Laptop, Thermal Printer, HP Wireless Printer – CCTV Cameras (4 no.) with DVR & Surround Sound System.

This is a fully functional cloud kitchen with ready to start running unit. All licences present and only renewal of Health Licence required.

Kitchen Address:

Namaste India,Shop no 5, Mariam Mansion, Opp. A to Z Industrial Estate, Lower Parel West – 400013

For more Details, Contact :Anshul Khandelwal 9819326050

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