Lucknow – Investment opportunity – CO working cloud kitchen

Centrally located Co-working cloud kitchen space & Incubation Centre, covering a major part of the upscale residential, commercial, and corporates of Lucknow

Available Area – 3000 Sq ft (Divided into 6 – 8 kitchens)

Location – Provided in map link

All kitchens areas are with an aisle in the middle, waiting area for the riders, washroom and additional provision of parking for 30-40 riders.

Both the kitchens are operational from July – 2019 onwards (with 6 months of construction period before that)

Both the sites have all the infra, equipments, fixtures including water bore, 40KW electricity connection, gas bank required to run the dark kitchens.

Kitchens have central HVAC, exhaust, air purifier units with complete air, water and heat insulation.

Each kitchen block has exhaust hoods, fire extinguishers/sprinklers, separate electricity meters etc.- Both the sites are built as per the standard SOP of cloud kitchens provided by the aggregators of the likes of Zomato and Swiggy.-

We are currently open to sublet(Min.G + Revenue share) or sell off  the sites to an interested investor.

Cloud Kitchen Exchange is a springboard for Food Entrepreneurs in India

We help New Food Entrepreneurs to start their food business, existing brands to earn more revenue from their kitchens by hosting external food brands, Enterprise brands to scale via real estate search & food chains to standardize their food products via our back end services

We help Entrepreneurs in opening up Single brand cloud kitchens, Multibranded kitchens in a single location, Hybrid food concepts (physical + digital), Digital brands (multiple hosted kitchens with outsourced food production) and franchising of brands (Franchisors & franchisees both)

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