A Running Cloud Kitchen brand is up for sale in Mohali

The Kitchen based in Mohali has been one of the leading brands on Swiggy & Zomato. fully functional and equipped with:

1. 4 door ref.

2. Pulveriser

3. Working tables

4. Cooking Range with built in Tawa

5. Running Hood and loads of other equipments and Utility Utensils to cater for ODCs.

1. Included : 6 Food Carts with Bain Marie & internal Gas piping that were used as POS for various Commercial Hubs in Mohali 1. Cash Registrex and a computer 1. Tie up with Coca Cola ( Ref Included ). 1. Caters to online deliveries till Chandigarh 1. Store area & Chefs cabin fully fabricated 1. Space Rental : 16500/- PM 1. Two Brands operating currently. Space was planned for 4 -5 brands 1. Portable Hybrid Tandoor 1. Microwave 1. Racks 1. …….and much more

The Kitchen was commissioned a year ago has seen constant growth in the last 11 months. All records available. With the core business of the company i.e. Advertising back in action post covid, they are unable to manage the Outlet. All equipment was purchased brand new.

Contact Hardy Singh on number given