Used Dosa making machine (Dosamatic) for sale in Delhi – Manufactured by Mukunda Foods

Model – Nov 2018 – Fully maintained and in working condition – was used at our south Indian outlet which we shut because of COVID

In good condition with one basic service required before starting up

Originally bought for 1.75 Lakhs, selling at bare minimum prices now

Machine description from the maker –

No complexities – no “I have to learn it first” long learning curve. Dosamatic is extremely easy to use. Simply stock batter, oil, and water in the machine and start making dosas. This commercial dosa making machine can make multiple varieties of dosas at one dosa per minute. You can also play around with the thickness of the dosa, as well as the amount of roast.

So, even if you have a large crowd of customers in your outlet, the automatic dosa maker can easily match that demand with a steady supply of appetizing and consistent quality dosas. This piece of smart kitchen technology packs marvel that’s already helping thousands of businesses in the food industry with an improved menu and plenty of opportunities.