10 reasons why Cloud kitchen business is better...

10 reasons why Cloud kitchen business is better than restaurants The advancement in technology and the ongoing pandemic have impacted the restaurant business big time. In fact, cloud kitchen model seems to be a better option to invest rather than restaurants. Why go the cloud kitchen model route, you would ask? Well, it is not only a quick…

are cloud kitchens the future of food industry in india ?
Are cloud kitchens the future of food industry in...

Are cloud kitchens the future of food industry in India? Cloud Kitchens since the pandemic times have seen an increase and are deemed to be the future of the food industry in India. Read on to know how risky, profitable, and different cloud kitchens are as compared to restaurants. The pandemic has caused dining out to…

kitchens centre co working kitchen. India's largest co working kitchen operator where you can rent a kitchen and go live in 30 days
Where to Rent a Space for a Commercial/Cloud...

Where to Rent a Space for a Commercial/Cloud Kitchen? Commercial kitchens are commercial properties that are given to food service providers to prepare food and serve consumers. These are not personal kitchen set-ups built to prepare meals for a family. These are designed specially to cook dishes in large volume to serve the customers. Due…

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A cloud kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant that has no physical space for dine-in. It relies entirely on online orders placed through online food aggregators or an online ordering enabled website or mobile app

Yes you can start a cloud kitchen from home and sell via your website, social media and aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy

We are a springboard for Food Entrepreneurs - we help you take your first jump with confidence. We help you find Cloud Kitchen space (Co-working or individual), nurture your idea, Curate your brand, help you create a digital presence and market your self through social media and make you stand out  by helping you build a Kick ass identity, unique concept, a compelling brand story  and help you apply the growth hacks we have learnt in last 20 years in the industry.

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