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Cloud Kitchen Exchange is a springboard for Food Entrepreneurs & Enterprises in India

We help New Food Entrepreneurs to start their food business, existing brands to earn more revenue from their kitchens by hosting external food brands, Enterprise brands to scale via Kitchens as a service model (Project X) & food chains to standardize their food products via our tech stack and culinary expertise 

We help Entrepreneurs in opening up Single brand cloud kitchens, Multibranded kitchens in a single location, Hybrid food concepts (physical + digital), Digital brands (multiple hosted kitchens with outsourced food production - Kitchens as a service ) and franchising of brands (Franchisors & franchisees both)

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A cloud kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant that has no physical space for dine-in. It relies entirely on online orders placed through online food aggregators or an online ordering enabled website or mobile app.

If you wish to know how to open a cloud kitchen click here

Tough question but the top 20 percent of Cloud kitchens  make a lot of money.

Next 20 percent of cloud kitchens struggle to make money and rest 60 percent fail in a few months after starting.

If you are smart and were always the best of the herd in your past, go for it

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Too little information but we hope you have a unique offering and not *I have a better mouse trap* concept

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cloud kitchen is a concept of delivery only restaurant with no physical space, no dine-in space or takeaway counter. It is a restaurant kitchen that accepts delivery only orders without a traditional restaurant or dining-in facility.

The orders are taken via Zomato / Swiggy / Website and delivered directly to customers via third party delivery services.

You can even make your website independent of Zomato and Swiggy and generate revenue via your own channels by clicking here 

They are most profitable in high-rent neighborhoods in back alleys nearby with lower rent  where the need for expensive restaurant spaces is minimized while addressing demand for a specific dish in the area. Since the rent is largely subsidized and so is manpower, these kitchens make between 5-15% profits as a margin.

Of course you can, if you wish to, but your Information needs to be corrected.

Uber eats sold itself out to zomato long back and food panda started making khichdi instead of delivering food (the khichdi project - google it)

So now you have two firms who will eat your greens out unless you build your own brand locally and find out a way to deliver to your customers without paying the hefty commissions

You need to be extremely smart to make money in this business, and if you are, jump in and we recommend that you get your own website to sell by clicking here 

Break even sales = fixed cost / contribution

Contribution = 100 percent - variable cost

Fixed costs = rent + salaries + fixed recurring Costs like annual maintenance contracts + telephone rental etc etc

Variable cost = food cost as a percentage + credit card charges + direct labour if any + commissions to aggregators

Co-working kitchens are large spaces (1500-2000 Sq Feet) which are partitioned into smaller spaces (250-300 Sq feet) and leased out to different brands with common services and utilities in place (e.g. Exhaust, Gas, Electricity connections, Water connection, waterproofing, kitchen tiling and flooring) which saves a lot of CAPEX for a new Entrepreneur

FSSAI, GST, Trade license, Fire & Safety, Shops & Establishment license

Depending upon what cuisine you wish to serve and the variety of equipments needed, a cloud kitchen can be started with an investment of anything between 4 lakhs to 15 Lakh rupees. This includes the rental deposit, advance rental, licenses, equipments, fitouts  and pre opening expenses.

You can learn more about how to start a cloud kitchen business by clicking here 

Cloud kitchens require 90 percent work (strategizing, choosing cuisine, location, procurement, hiring, pricing, brand story, competition analysis etc) before they open in terms of planning and 10 percent work after opening and this is grossly misunderstood by a lot of people.

People jump in putting 10 percent thought initially thinking they will succeed because their *product is better* which is untrue because to stand out in middle of millions selling the same thing, you need to start right and then build.

According to industry research, the market is expected to grow by 2023, it could cross $15 billion. The future of Cloud kitchen is endless to develop in India. With all the other services going digital, people have got no free time to walk down to a restaurant or drive-in jam-packed traffic for food

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Currently we only work with big enterprises for commercial real estate search on mandate as this is a chargeable service.

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