what is a cloud kitchen!

A cloud kitchen, ghost kitchen or a dark kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant that has no physical space for dine-in. It relies entirely on online orders placed through online food aggregators or an online ordering enabled website or mobile app

Is Cloud Kitchen business profitable ?

Well, this is how the good ones do, you decide.. 

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Aggregator fee
Utilities & Fuel
Food Cost
General & Admin

How to open a cloud kitchen business

Steps to follow 

Step 1 Form a company
Proprietorship | One person company | Parnership firm | LLP | Private limited
Step 2 Get Compliant
Get GSTIN | PAN | TAN |Bank account
Step 4 Get numbers in place
Feasibility report

5 year PNL | ROI | IRR | Business Plan 

Step 5 Get ready with plans
Kitchen Drawings | Brand story | Logo and brand specifications
Step 6 Build the kitchen
Project execution

Infrastructure | Services| Equipment sourcing and commissioning 

Step 7 Get ready
Get ready to start

Recruitment & Menu trials 

Step 8 Build the supply chain
Finalize vendors

Food | Non Food | Gas | Fuel 

Step 9 Tell the world
Build Digital presence

Facebook | Instagram | Pintrest | Twitter | Google | Search directories 

Step 10 Build the network
Build Sales & logistics channels

Swiggy | Zomato | Jio | Amazon fresh | Website | Third party last mile delivery services

Step 11 Get ready to launch
Launch Preparation

Launch campaign | Influencer marketing | Local reach | ATL & BTL activities 

Step 12 Sustained marketing
Learn & Adapt

Listen closely to customers | Review and response | Adapt | Push sales & marketing via campaigns and outreach 

What is the recipe of a successful Cloud kitchen

Well, this is what we believe in


  • 01

    Minimum Capex

    A successful Cloud kitchen business will always have minimum CAPEX invested via clever hacks & means because you make money when you Buy, not when you sell

  • 02

    Sound Agreements & contracts

    A successful Cloud kitchen will always have the best agreements in place in it's benefit be it the lock in period, exit clause, escalation of rent or any other arrangements with landlords, vendors, aggregators etc.

  • 03

    A kick ass brand story

    A successful cloud kitchen will always a kick ass story to tell people about their origin, existence or operations  

  • 04

    A Great Location with geographical monopoly

    A successful cloud kitchen will always have a monopoly within the region of its location. It will always aim to hit the sweet spot between product, pricing and value for it's target customers 

  • 05

    Brilliant food

    A successful cloud kitchen will always have it's food as the star and will use the right ingredients (not necessarily the best ingredients) as per local palette and it's own authentic offerings

  • 06

    The best quality & pricing for supplies

    A successful cloud kitchen will always have the best supply chain in place with best prices, quality and contracts for controllable items like food and non food items (obviously captured into the right formats & contracts)

  • 07

    Strong Digital presence

    A successful cloud kitchen will have a strong digital presence not only limited to the aggregators but expanding via FB, Insta, PInetrest, Local search engines, Google & will use the best tools to be visible easily according to user intent in it's geography  

  • 08

    Strong digital distribution of it's story

    A successful cloud kitchen will have a uniform distribution of it's content across all channels and will not depend on one channel for its existence  

  • 09

    Ease of ordering

    A successful cloud kitchen will always be the easiest digital store to order from owing to it's terminology, display, pricing & ordering across all channels 

  • 10

    Efficient operations

    A successful cloud kitchen will always have flawless operations and will work like a factory dishing out food consistently with the same quality, standardization & speed

  • 11

    Great Packaging

    A successful cloud kitchen will always have great packaging which keeps food hot, spill free & is easy to use without creating a mess at the user's end 

  • 12


    A successful cloud kitchen will always have an efficient CRM in place and will keep a watch on the customer sentiment at all times. It will also use these tools to retain the customers and keep them engaged.

Cloud Kitchen Exchange is a springboard for Food Entrepreneurs in India

We help New Food Entrepreneurs to start their food business, existing brands to earn more revenue from their kitchens by hosting external food brands, Enterprise brands to scale via real estate search & food chains to standardize their food products via our back end services

We help Entrepreneurs in opening up Single brand cloud kitchens, Multibranded kitchens in a single location, Hybrid food concepts (physical + digital), Digital brands (multiple hosted kitchens with outsourced food production) and franchising of brands (Franchisors & franchisees both)

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We mentor, consult & nurture Solopreneurs & help Organizations to grow and scale 

Who do we work with ?

Home bakers

People who are starting a food venture from their homes (Home bakers or Chefs)


Companies looking to standardize or rapidly scale their brands

cloud kitchen exchange works with food entrepreneurs, home bakers, existing food brands and companies looking to scale or standardize. We are the best platform to learn how to start a cloud kitchen in india

food entrepreneurs

Food Entrepreneurs who have recently started and are looking build their brand or to expand

kitchen owners

Existing Kitchen owners looking to sell, share or rent out their kitchens

What do we do for New Entrepreneurs ?

Mentorship program

Want to start a Food business ? Join our 12 weeks mentorship program 

Real Estate Search

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Company Formation

Register a company, GSTIN, PAN, TAN, taxation, accounting & compliances

Business Website

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Social media marketing

We help you create kick ass brand stories  and also manage your social media

Food Packaging

Buy all types of food packaging directly from manufacturers from our sister concern.

Logo Design

We make great remarkable logos for your brand creating a unique identity

Influencer Marketing

We boost your digital presence via influencer marketing & genuine reviews 

Audit & Control

Need a Hygiene audit and cost controller for your business off payroll ?

What do we do for Existing Businesses ?

Review & Recommendation

Get your business evaluated on multiple parameters to identify growth areas

Mentorship program

We help you Scale & grow your business or become Franchise ready

Real Estate Search

We identify locations across multiple cities for you with a mandate 

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Real Estate Search

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Host a brand

In your existing kitchen, host a brand and earn more money via managed kitchen model

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