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Project X (Kitchens as a service)

Meet the new standard to connect your Food brand with India

Project X is a venture of Cloud kitchen Exchange using Kitchens as a service model to enable Food brands to scale in newer geographies with Zero CAPEX*

We are a network of strategically located licensed kitchens in delivery hotspots in major cities & an operating system of  Culinary innovation, Industrialisation of complex Food formats, Cold chain setup & robust technology

we connect

We receive orders on your behalf from aggregators

we source

We manage your supply chain & procurement

we cook

We recreate your recipes & cook orders

we deliver

Via third party last mile delivery partners

What is kitchens as a service ?

Kitchens as a service is a new age concept which allows Restaurants to scale in different geographies with Zero CAPEX* via managed kitchens & outsourced back end operations to companies like Cloud kitchen exchange 

The Restaurant is able to expand and scale faster without the headache of running day to day operations 

The recipes and SOPS are followed at the managed kitchens just like the brand would at their own locations which makes this concept (Kitchens as a service) the preferred choice of Food enterprises 

Benefits for Food brands

Scaling via Kitchens as a service model


Zero Upfront cost towards building Infra at multiple locations

Super fast Expansion

In Under 30 days, open multiple locations in a geography

Reach larger audience

Give your food business the power of distribution by being accessible

Consistent products

Same product in each location via Industrialisation of food

Better balance sheet

Your fixed costs get changed into variable costs

No headaches

No headaches of Salaries & rent every month

  • Traditional Expansion
  • Kitchens as a service
Traditional ExpansionKitchens as a service
CAPEX needed
Rental pressure
Monthly Salaries
Utility payments
General & Admin costs
Operational management
Standardization of food
Return on Investment
Return on management time
Large management team size
Save me I'm In
Managed kitchens
orders a day

Project X is a network of licensed kitchens which allows Food brands to scale across cities with Zero CAPEX*

You handle the demand and own the IP of your brand and WE source, receive orders, prepare food and dispatch via third party logistic providers 

It is like having your own professionally managed kitchen without the burden of rent, manpower, utilities or any other operational expenses 

We charge you a revenue share for our services based on your model 

No, Project X kitchens are managed by us and you don’t need to do anything other than generate demand for your brand. Once the order lands at the POS, we cook / assemble & dispatch to customer 

Owning & running your own cloud kitchen is very expensive and the margins are very low. Typically you would pay about 35% of your sales towards rent, manpower, utilities etc if you run your own kitchens, Project X on the other hand charges you much lower costs than this and our kitchens are managed professionally – it’s like owning a kitchen with Zero CAPEX in delivery hotpots which is professionally managed by us on your behalf 

The first thing that we do for your food brand is that we Industrialize your food – deconstruct it and break it into parts which come from a commissary kitchen.

This ensures recipes are protected at the kitchen (point of sale) since the supplies are sent in proprietary packs without listing the ingredients in detail 

The staff then follows the SOPs given and dishes out food without knowing how those things are actually made at source 

We break the food into such parts that quality can not go wrong as it’s only 5% of the cooking process that is actually happening at the outlet level 

Secondly, we follow a stringent Quality audit procedure internally which is tech based to keep a track on deviations if any 

Our audit team is constantly monitoring the production at unit level at all times 

Project X cloud kitchens are strategically located in best neighbourhoods and delivery hotspots across cities of Delhi, Bengaluru & Hyderabad – you just need to choose which location to start in 

Our Inhouse growth team will help you match your concept with the localities based on data 

Scale your brand today with us in Delhi NCR

Give your Food brand the power of distribution & reach large audience across geographies

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