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what we do

For over a year, Cloud Kitchen Exchange has partnered with many of India’s Food Enterprises and New Entrepreneurs to create winning strategies around their businesses, solve some of the most complex problems, and deliver Change that Matters in the Cloud Kitchen Industry

The most important thing we do is to work with Companies on their ideas because Founders should only focus on one thing only – building !

We create that environment for you to increase your productivity

We are growth hackers and we love to help Entrepreneurs apply those hacks to build sustainable food brands

Cloud Kitchen Exchange is a springboard for Food Entrepreneurs in India

We help New Food Entrepreneurs to start their food business, existing brands to earn more revenue from their kitchens by hosting external food brands, Enterprise brands to scale via real estate search & food chains to standardize their food products via our back end services

We help Entrepreneurs in opening up Single brand cloud kitchens, Multibranded kitchens in a single location, Hybrid food concepts (physical + digital), Digital brands (multiple hosted kitchens with outsourced food production) and franchising of brands (Franchisors & franchisees both)

Who do we work with ?

Home bakers

People who are starting a food venture from their homes (Home bakers or Chefs)


Companies looking to standardize or rapidly scale their brands

cloud kitchen exchange works with food entrepreneurs, home bakers, existing food brands and companies looking to scale or standardize. We are the best platform to learn how to start a cloud kitchen in india

food entrepreneurs

Food Entrepreneurs who have recently started and are looking build their brand or to expand

kitchen owners

Existing Kitchen owners looking to sell, share or rent out their kitchens

What do we do for New Entrepreneurs ?

Mentorship program

Want to start a Food business ? Join our 12 weeks mentorship program 

Real Estate Search

Our listings are free for all but we do a customized search across India if you wish.

Company Formation

Register a company, GSTIN, PAN, TAN, taxation, accounting & compliances

Audit & Control

Need a Hygiene audit and cost controller for your business off payroll ?

Business Website

We make kick ass websites for you business,  click below to see our work

Social media marketing

We help you create kick ass brand stories  and also manage your social media

What do we do for Existing Cloud Kitchens ?

Growth Module

Grow your sales

Expansion Module

Expand your brand

Review & Recommendation

Get your business evaluated on multiple parameters to identify growth areas

Mentorship program

We help you Scale & grow your business or become Franchise ready

Real Estate Search

We identify locations across multiple cities for you with a mandate 

How do I grow my Cloud kitchen business ?

Your food may be great but it’s not the only thing which matters when it comes to Cloud kitchen business

There are plenty of things which need to be right if you wish to grow your business including your Brand Image & Positioning, Menu pricing & portions, Optimized Fixed & variable costs, Great Food Packaging, Less dependence on aggregators for sales, a SEO friendly website with last mile delivery integration & most importantly your digital presence & SEO

If you can’t be found as the first preference, you aren’t even in the business – you are in “BUSYNESS” 

The best way to slowly kill a business is to be on the second page of Google !

Sign up for our growth module via Whatsapp chat button below 

Step 1 Website & Digital audit
Step 2 PNL & Cost audit
Step 3 Growth Plan
Step 4 Handover & Execution

How do I build a Digital brand in cloud kitchen space?

In a digital first world, you need to approach creating restaurants with a digital-first mindset. From chef-driven concept ideation to supply chain and packaging to execution, there are so many things to be covered when you expand.

We help you Industrialize your menu (scale ready) and Set up supply chain to help you open multiple locations with standardized products.

The locations could be your OWNED & OPERATED kitchens or HOSTED kitchens in our network (Kitchen as a service) where you don’t need to worry about running the operations, manpower, rentals or even utilities & only spend your time on marketing your brand.

Step 1 Industrialize your food
Step 2 Set up Cold chain
Step 3 Sign up Host locations
Step 4 Own a digital brand

Ok I am convinced, how do we start ?

We offer a 3 months mentorship program to help you launch or scale a Food Business

However there is criteria you would need to fulfil for us to work with you and here is what we look for before we sign up

A unique idea

Forward thinking mindset

Personal Integrity

Endless curiosity


Apply for Mentorship today

Team Lead (About us)

Ashwani Basantani

A Hotel Management graduate from IHM Goa, Ashwani Basantani is a contrarian and believes in creating sustainable alternative businesses not only limited to Food industry
Ashwani believes in building focused communities and harnessing the power of network to put power & liquidity in the hands of Food Entrepreneurs to help them build sustainable food brands
Ashwani carries an experience of two decades & deep knowledge of Food industry but also believes that knowledge comes with an expiry date & whatever we know today may not be relevant in a year except the fundamental principles which can be used as building blocks
Ashwani has been an Entrepreneur himself for years prior to which he was working as Vice President in a 100 Crore Hospitality company in Mumbai
Ashwani has been a part of growth of many national chains & currently mentors a handful of chosen Entrepreneurs in Food Industry & allied spaces ranging from Solopreneurs to VC funded organizations

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Real Estate Search

Most of our listings are free but if you want us to custom search click below

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Host a brand

In your existing kitchen, host a brand and earn more money via managed kitchen model

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