Cloud Kitchen Exchange is a springboard for Food Entrepreneurs in India

We help New Food Entrepreneurs to start their food business, existing brands to earn more revenue from their kitchens by hosting external food brands, Enterprise brands to scale via real estate search & food chains to standardize their food products via our back end services

We help Entrepreneurs in opening up Single brand cloud kitchens, Multibranded kitchens in a single location, Hybrid food concepts (physical + digital), Digital brands (multiple hosted kitchens with outsourced food production) and franchising of brands (Franchisors & franchisees both)

Who do we work with ?

Food Entrepreneurs

We help you grow your business via D2C | B2B | B2B2C channels


We help with your Digital growth, Revenue Management & SEO

cloud kitchen exchange works with food entrepreneurs, home bakers, existing food brands and companies looking to scale or standardize. We are the best platform to learn how to start a cloud kitchen in india

Enterprise brands

We help you scale via Kitchens as a service | Micro Fulfilment centers model

kitchen owners

We help you generate more revenues via Host Kitchen model

Our Services

Start a food business

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Grow my Food business

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Scale my Food business

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How do I grow my Cloud kitchen business ?

Growth Module for Existing Cloud kitchens - Scope

Step 1
Website & Digital audit

We audit your online presence, SEO, Revenue streams, Social media & Sales channels

Step 2
PNL & Cost audit

We audit your PNL & Cost structure & identify opportunities & gaps

Step 3
Growth Plan

We prepare a comprehensive actionable growth plan for your business

Step 4
Handover & Execution

We set the basics right to start with & help you to take up guided execution 

How do I scale my brand in multiple locations ?

In a digital first world, you need to approach creating restaurants with a digital-first mindset. From chef-driven concept ideation to supply chain and packaging to execution, there are so many things to be covered when you expand.

We help you Industrialize your menu (scale ready and no wagering casino) and Set up supply chain to help you open multiple locations with standardized products.

The locations could be your OWNED & OPERATED kitchens or HOSTED kitchens in our network (Kitchen as a service) where you don’t need to worry about running the operations, manpower, rentals or even utilities & only spend your time on marketing your brand.

Scale Module for Existing Cloud Kitchens - Scope

Step 1
Industrialize your food

Make your food "scale ready" via our partner R&D kitchens and set up production capacity

Step 2
Set up Cold chain

Set up a supply chain via our partners to feed the locations in time 

Step 3
Sign up Host locations

Sign  up digital store fronts for sales  via our partner networks for your brand 

Step 4
Own a digital brand

Advertise and Invest in your brand & watch your sales flywheel 

Why Should you expand via Kitchens as a service model ?

The traditional method of renting multiple properties (kitchens) & hiring manpower to expand and scale your business is expensive, difficult and brutal on your balance sheet by default as paybacks may take decades and the expertise you may need to manage thinly spread out kitchens is expensive 

Managed kitchens (Kitchens as a service) by Cloud kitchen exchange allow you to open multiple locations in different geographies without the headache of physically managing all the operations of all the kitchens and allows you to focus on just building your brand and growing it 

Below are the benefits of expanding via Managed kitchens model (Kitchens as a service)


Zero Upfront cost towards building Infra at multiple locations

Super fast Expansion

In Under 30 days, open multiple locations in a geography

Reach larger audience

Give your food business the power of distribution by being accessible

Consistent products

Same product in each location via Industrialisation of food

Better balance sheet

Your fixed costs get changed into variable costs

No headaches

No headaches of Salaries & rent every month

What do our Managed Kitchens do for you ?

We Connect

We receive your orders at the kitchens via our POS solution

We Cook

We cook your orders as per your recipes at our managed kitchens

We source

We manage your supply chain & sourcing from accredited vendors

We deliver

We manage the dispatch & last mile deliveries for you directly or via aggregators

Scale my brand

I have a Retail or Food Brand and wish to scale via Kitchens as a service model

Show me the benefits

Ok I am convinced, how do we start ?

We offer consulting services to Food Enterprises & new Entrepreneurs to help them scale or launch their food brands 

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