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Cloud Kitchen Exchange is India’s only Market place to
Buy a Cloud kitchen | Sell a Cloud kitchen | Rent a Cloud kitchen | Learn how to start a Cloud kitchen business | Understand Cloud kitchen business model | Find Cloud kitchen spaces across India

What can you do here ?

Start a cloud kitchen business and understand how cloud kitchen business model works at cloud kitchen exchange

Start your food business

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revive your food business and cloud kitchen business with cloud kitchen exchange

Revive your food business

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scale your cloud kitchen business with cloud kitchen exchange

Scale your food business

Scale from 1 to multiple units

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standardize your cloud kitchen business with cloud kitchen exchange

Standardize your food products

Same quality in all units

Quality issues while scaling ?

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Who do we work with ?

Home bakers

People who are starting a food venture from their homes (Home bakers or Chefs)


Companies looking to standardize or rapidly scale their brands

cloud kitchen exchange works with food entrepreneurs, home bakers, existing food brands and companies looking to scale or standardize. We are the best platform to learn how to start a cloud kitchen in india

food entrepreneurs

Food Entrepreneurs who have recently started and are looking build their brand or to expand

kitchen owners

Existing Kitchen owners looking to sell, share or rent out their kitchens

Earn more from your kitchen !

If you have an existing kitchen, make your kitchen earn more money by sharing it or hosting external food brands by joining our network !

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions about Cloud Kitchens)

A cloud kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant that has no physical space for dine-in. It relies entirely on online orders placed through online food aggregators or an online ordering enabled website or mobile app

Yes you can start a cloud kitchen from home and sell via your website, social media and aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy

We are a springboard for Food Entrepreneurs - we help you take your first jump with confidence. We help you find Cloud Kitchen space (Co-working or individual), nurture your idea, Curate your brand, help you create a digital presence and market your self through social media and make you stand out  by helping you build a Kick ass identity, unique concept, a compelling brand story  and help you apply the growth hacks we have learnt in last 20 years in the industry.

On this site, you can look for commercial real estate for your cloud kitchen (Co working cloud kitchens OR standalone Cloud kitchens), sell your Cloud kitchen, Rent out your space to Cloud kitchens, find equipped cloud kitchens for sale, buy Food packaging online, hire a consultant for your cloud kitchen, find a mentor for your cloud kitchen, get a website for your cloud kitchen business, or hire a digital marketing agency for your social media management

Pro bono mentorship for Women Entrepreneurs

mentorship program for entrepreneurs in cloud kitchens and food and beverage entrepreneurs | how to open a cloud kitchen
New Women Entrepreneurs often feel shortchanged when it comes to starting a Cloud kitchen

So we decided to some common good for the society 

We offer 1 pro bono mentorship to Women every week and help them launch their Food business or Cloud Kitchen by sharing the industry knowledge, resources & tips and tricks 

Enroll today for our free weekly mentorship by scheduling a call below 

Pro bono Mentorship for Women

Our Clients

We are a Springboard for Food Entrepreneurs & internet’s best resource to look for Cloud Kitchens on sale, Food packaging for Cloud Kitchen, Website for Cloud Kitchens & to find a Mentor for Cloud Kitchens