Where to Rent a Space for a Commercial/Cloud Kitchen?

Commercial kitchens are commercial properties that are given to food service providers to prepare food and serve consumers. These are not personal kitchen set-ups built to prepare meals for a family.

These are designed specially to cook dishes in large volume to serve the customers. Due to the increasing rise of competition in the food industry, more and more food entrepreneurs are aiming to expand their business to multiple locations for gaining a larger part of the potential consumer market.

This has led to the introduction of the system of renting commercial kitchen space provided by some brands. Kitchens Centre, for instance, provides fully-equipped kitchen stations on rent to willing food brands.

Renting such a kitchen helps in starting a food business at low investment in a short time.

The best place for renting a commercial kitchen

Though there are many brands that offer commercial kitchen space for rent, each provides some specific facilities, the brand that offers the ideal commercial kitchen on rent is Kitchen Centre. They ensure to provide all-round facilities and support at reasonable rental rates to new as well as established food brands. Below goes some beneficial facilities provided by Kitchen Centre that makes it the best place for renting a commercial kitchen.

Multiple centres in prime locations

Kitchen Centre has a wide network of commercial kitchen centres located in areas that are ideal for a flourishing food business. They have 59 commercial kitchens spread across various popular cities in India. Some of the metropolitan cities where Kitchen Centre offer kitchen space for rent are Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, etc. Thus, you will have a number of options to choose the most suitable location for your food business.

Also, having a food preparation set up in a highly populated city increases the chance of gaining more number of customers. Rent a kitchen space today, if you want a thriving cloud kitchen business. 

Fully equipped kitchen infrastructure

Kitchen Centre not only provides kitchen space for rent but also the equipment that you would need to run your food business. Commercial kitchens under Kitchen Centre also have customized kitchen space designed to facilitate faster preparation and services of food.

As a food entrepreneur, getting a fully-equipped kitchen centre is highly beneficial that it helps to start running the business immediately after renting it, without any delay. Hence, you should choose Kitchen Centre if you are looking for top notch amenities for your cloud kitchen. 

Efficient maintenance of the kitchen

To ensure the safety and hygiene in your working space, Kitchen Centre cleans its commercial kitchen on a daily basis. They maintain thorough cleanliness and provide hygienic facilities in accordance with their health guidelines. Thus, if you take their kitchen on rent, you need not worry about hygiene and sanitation around your food preparation station.

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Round-the-clock operational facilities

Renting a kitchen space through Kitchen Centre is beneficial as they offer 24 * 7 all-round support of facilities.

You will be provided with electricity and water supply round the clock. They also offer security services. The equipment that you will need for running your business shall be provided throughout your operational period in the rented kitchen.

Choosing Kitchen Centre will provide you with relentless operational facilities which are unlike any other cloud kitchen services. 

Marketing support

Digital marketing is quintessential if you want to expand your brand awareness and reach, especially in the competitive food industry.

Kitchen Centre offers marketing support to their rented food brands. They adopt highly effective contemporary marketing strategies, including Google ads and social media ads through which they aim to help increase the customer base of the restaurants who have rented their commercial kitchen.

The marketing services of Kitchen Centre are one of the best and you cannot miss out on it if you want to grow your cloud kitchen business. 

The above mentioned features are must have when you are new in the cloud kitchen business. As stated above, Kitchen Centre provides all the required provisions to run a cloud kitchen.  Furthermore, Kitchen Centre has some additional features for you. Below goes the features 

  • Helps in swift expansion of the brand. 
  • Provides smooth technical support. 
  • Offers genuine legal support.
  • Helps in affiliating collaboration and effective management. 
  • Enables your business to function with multiple brand names under a single kitchen. 
  • Provides potential businesses with readily available infrastructures. 

Things to consider while renting a commercial kitchen

Taking a commercial kitchen space for rent is now on-trend as it is an effective yet affordable method of running a food business without having to invest a lump sum in constructing and maintaining a self-owned restaurant. However, before renting a commercial kitchen, it is important to take few things into consideration so that you can choose the ideal space to rent a commercial kitchen.

Know your business needs

Assess your business requirements and rent a space accordingly. For operating during particular seasons or periods, you can rent a kitchen space on an hourly basis.

However, if you aim to operate round the year with a large business setup, you should rent the kitchen on a monthly basis. You will have the right to access the kitchen only during the time for which you have taken it on rent.

Go for a suitable location

Choosing the correct location for setting up your kitchen is necessary as it plays a significant role in determining the business’ success. Thus, before renting a kitchen, check if the location is suitable for your food business.

Learn if the kind of dishes you aim to serve has a good demand in that location or not. For instance, if you prepare north Indian cuisine, then try to seek a kitchen space in an area where dishes under this cuisine is high on demand. This will ensure better sales.

Look for utensils and equipments

Check if the commercial kitchen is equipped with the utensils and gadgets that you would need for running your food business. Different food entrepreneurs require different appliances, depending on the dishes they prepare. Make sure that the kitchen has at least the basic equipment such as the prep station, gas convection oven, shelving, hand sink, freezer, etc. apart from the cook specific appliances.

Know the required legal formalities

For being able to apply for the items that you would require to rent a kitchen space, you need to fulfil certain legal formalities. You would be required to visit the local health department and seek the food handler’s certificate. You also need to acquire your business license and liability insurance for starting to operate in the commercial kitchen. Make sure that the commercial kitchen rent agreement you signed assures that you can start your food business without any restriction.

Check the rental requirements

While choosing the right commercial kitchen for your food business, it is very important to know the rental formalities from the commercial kitchen owner. Enquire about the monthly or hourly rent for space you would take, the required insurance level, etc. Besides, know from the owner whether the kitchen you will rent is a shared commercial kitchen or a dedicated one.

Check the space availability and planning

While checking out a kitchen space for rent, see if the given space has been utilised optimally. Also, in shared kitchen spaces, it is important to check whether the cooking stations are strategically designed to provide comfortable space for food preparation and to prevent any bumping among the staff working in the kitchen.

With Kitchen Centre, you can start running your food business just by taking their space on rent. You only have to focus on food preparation as all other services such as equipment, marketing, power and water supply, security, etc., shall be taken care of by the Kitchen Centre.

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