Cloud Kitchen business has been the fastest revolution in the food industry in last few years.

Cloud kitchens have become quite popular and with the looks of it, it seems they are here to stay. The pandemic has pushed the popularity of cloud kitchens even further. Restaurants are also going the cloud kitchen way, in fact, many establishments are expanding their wings towards cloud kitchens already.

However, with popularity, come certain ifs and buts. Check out a few myths related to the cloud kitchen model, that we will debunk for you today:

Myth 1 – Cloud Kitchens need to be located in the fancy areas of the town:

Unlike a restaurant, the cloud kitchen setup does not have to worry too much about the location. Restaurants need footfall thus they need an area accessible to everyone. Cloud kitchens, on the other hand, can be set up in any part of the town. Since cloud kitchen models do not have a takeaway or dine-in services, the place does not need to have a fancy location but they can be located in nearby cheaper real estate localities around those fancy locations

Myth 2 – Cloud Kitchens are not professionally established:

There is a belief system around cloud kitchens that they may not be set up as well as restaurant kitchens. Well, that is a myth, and the truth is as professional as it can be

The myth could be due to the words associated with the cloud kitchen business including dark, virtual, ghost. However, the cloud kitchen model is as good as any restaurant kitchen if not more. In fact, cloud kitchens are more organized and well-equipped than restaurant kitchens in most cases

Cloud kitchens have the latest state-of-the-art equipment and tools in their kitchen. A large chunk is spent on top-notch equipment and tools for the establishment. So, the next time you think of a cloud kitchen setup, make sure you have something modern and jazzy on your mind

Myth 3 – Cloud Kitchens need heavy Investment:

The answer is no. If you are someone who needs to get into the cloud kitchen model, you don’t need to shell out the big bucks. There are several companies like Kitchens Centre that provide plug and play cloud kitchen spaces to partners at affordable costs

It is easy to create a name for your brand through the cloud kitchen without burning a big hole in your pocket. You need to have a menu and cuisine in mind and find a cloud kitchen setup that suits your needs. Once this process is complete, you can start a cloud kitchen business and work your way up.

With the on demand economy moving at crazy speed, you can shell out a small amount to market yourself out there.  Since everything is taken care of in terms of location and infra cost, the cloud kitchen model can be established at a small cost.

Myth 4 – Cloud Kitchens are not hygienic:

Hygiene and sanitation are the most important aspects as far as food is concerned. It is important for a customer to know that the place they order food from is hygienic and safe to consume.

For some reason, there is a lot of myth revolving around cloud kitchen models being not hygienic enough. Let us bunk that for you, whether the cloud kitchen is a very big establishment or is a small setup, hygiene is the most important factor maintained by a lot of them.

Cloud kitchens are required to have a certification regarding food safety and hygiene before they start their operations. There are regular inspections & checks as well to know no if the hygiene standard is being maintained at a certain level by most of the organized sector.

With the pandemic still facing us, the cloud kitchen setup is taking more precautions to ensure the safety of food. Right from temperature checks of delivery boys to constant sanitization of the establishment, all is taken care of.

Kitchens Centre is one of the safest and most hygienic cloud kitchen facilities in India. Their kitchens are cleaned daily and maintained in tandem with the health guidelines.

 Myth 5 – Cloud kitchens do not have a strong Business Plan:

Like any other venture, cloud kitchens also have their business plans in hand. It is nigh impossible that these kitchens have gained immense popularity without a fair degree of planning.

Cloud kitchens and restaurants have their differences in terms of front-end functionality and a few others. However, running a cloud kitchen business is no less than running a restaurant. In fact, you need to specialize in managing cloud kitchens that are established at a massive scale. There is a need for smart management practices with an awareness required in terms of functionality, technology, marketing, and promotion.

Usually, a fixed budget is kept aside to maintain the usual upkeep of the cloud kitchen along with other marketing aspects of a cloud kitchen. The business plan of a cloud kitchen includes operational costs and the budget for other functions. Thus, it is a well-chalked-out plan and has a lot of thought behind it.

These are some of the cloud kitchen myths that needed immediate debunking for better understanding. The cloud kitchen business is becoming more popular by the day and has a well-thought-out strategy behind them.

Disclaimer : This article is informatory and is written for educational purposes of people who are entering this space for the first time. Cloud Kitchen model may carry certain risks as well not covered here so readers are advised to research well before making any investment.

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